The Aspen Ideas Festival, 2014

“When Experts Disagree: The Art of Medical Decision-Making”

Based on their book, Your Medical Mind, Drs. Groopman and Hartzband present

1:03:23, click here


Ben Goldacre, MD

Battling Bad Science, Ted Talk 2011, 14:19 min click here

What Doctors Don’t Know About The Drugs They Prescribe, TED Talk 2012,  13:24 min click here


Eric Strong, MD

An Introduction to Evidence Based Medicine, YouTube, 14:20 min click here


Evidence Based Birth Podcasts

If you like listening to podcasts,  Evidence Based Birth® has done a superb job.

The main page for the Evidence Based Birth® podcast is here

For iPhone and iPad users, click here

For Android users, click here

If you prefer to not download apps and stream podcasts, the first three have been created into mp3 downloads for your convenience.

To access the mp3 download, click on more when you get to Soundcloud and you will see a download button.


EBB 1: Introduction to Evidence Based Birth® (17:02 min) mp3 download here (or Android link)

EBB 2: What is Evidence Based Care? (21:08 min) mp3 download here (or Android link)

EBB 3: Why it’s so hard to get evidence based care (14:44 min) mp3 download here (or Android link)

EBB 4: Waterbirth and the newborn microbiome (5:01 min; Android link)

EBB 5: Evidence on prenatal vaginal exams (9:27 min; Android link)

EBB 6: The pros and cons of membrane sweeping  (6:10 min; Android link)

EBB 7: Evidence on placental encapsulation (8:54 min; Android link)

EBB 8: Overview of pain management during labour (11:25 min Android link)

EBB 9: Epidural during labour for pain management  (10:55 min) link

EBB 10: ARRIVE study (25:55 min; Android link)

Science and Sensibility on the topic of the ARRIVE study here (print)

EBB 11: Evidence on: waterbirth (16:32 min; Android link)

EBB 12:  Epidurals and breastfeeding (11:31 min; Android link)

EBB 13: Epidurals and second stage (8:45 min; Android link)

EBB 14: Injectable opiods (9:44 min; Android link)

EBB 15: Nitrous oxide (13:27 min; Android link)

EBB 16: Movement and positions (12:29 min; Android link)

EBB 17: The evidence on: birthing positions (17:22 min; Android link)

EBB 18: Painless birth (15:16 min; Android link)

EBB 19: Childbirth Classes (18:17 min; Android link)

EBB 20: Water immersion (13:39 min; Andriod link)

EBB 21: Doula (12:24 min; Android link)

EBB 22: Rise of Home Birth in the U.S. (13:51 min; Android link)

EBB 23: Home Birth Midwives (19 min; Android link)

EBB 24: Acupuncture and acupressure (12:44 min Android link)

EBB 24: Aromatherapy (14:06 min Android  link)

EBB 24: TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) (15:25 min Android  link)

EBB 24: Childbirth Education (18:48 min Android link)